Start Preparing for a Home Emergency Now

As a home restoration company repairing the damage after fire, flood, wind or any other type of emergency, we’ve seen it all.


No one likes to be in the position of having to rebuild a damaged home. We can help you through this trying time.

One of the things we see time and again is that people haven’t prepared for these occurrences when they can happen at any time. We wanted to give you a few ideas and a few resources on things you can do to make sure you’re ready.

1. Make an emergency plan.

This can take all of a few hours, but can mean the world in a crisis. Head over to the Red Cross website as they have different ideas for homes with different needs including children, elderly, disabled, and for your pets.

You want to identify the potential threats to your home and family and write your plan from the most likely eventuality – perhaps a flood if you live near a river – and establish methods to get your family to safety and identify any pre-emptive actions you can take beforehand.

2. Build an emergency kit.

Look back to your plan and put anything in the box that will help in the most likely situations. You’ll want to pack this is a large, waterproof box and place it near an exit of your home. If you’re in an area that is more remote, you may want to include food and water, too. Obvious other inclusions might be:

  • Band aids / first aid / gauze
  • Backups of any regular medication.
  • A map of your local area.
  • Cleansing agents / soaps / antiseptic towelettes
  • Scissors
  • Eye wash
  • Regular pain medications such as Tylenol and Advil

There are plenty more ideas to add – have a look at the Wikihow article about emergency kits where we got some of our ideas.

3. Program our emergency restoration number into your phone.

We can help advise you right from the incident, so program our phone number – (509) 946-9766 – into your mobile phone right now. You can name us “North West Restoration” or even “Emergency Restoration” if you like. Make it easy to find so you can contact us right away and we can start helping you through your crisis from the very beginning.

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